My journey is my purpose and without purpose who would i be? Who am I to tell me what my purpose is? Those are just a few of the questions i ask myself on a daily basis. I used to think that if i could think and think and think about the past that i could re-arrange it, or even change it, that is just one of the lies I have told myself in this life. Obviously, that never worked and most of the time i ended up having to pull myself out of a deeper hole than i couldve imagined.

I was thinking back to when i decided to be a photographer professionally, and i was having a hard time remebering theni found some old film tape from when i was a child and realized, ive always been a photographer.

Once you get to know me, if you do. You'll realize that i am a little different opinions are opinions. Should what you think of me be what i let define me? Would you let it define you? I believe that we are all equal and only whoever created me, should be the one to judge me. In saying all of this my main point is that i realized I am the art, not the cmaera or the lens. Yes, i like to live in the now, the past is irrelavent and the only way ive been able to create some sort of a better future is to stay in the present moment. One of the best things about living, is breathing. The sun is always going to come up in the morning and we all die one day.

My perspective wouldn't be my perspective if I didn't make the decisions I make. Your perspective of me is what your reality is, I've lived in fear of the unknown my whole life, why? My life is my picture and I use the lens to paint it. If I had an explanation for the way that I am that wouldn't make the next chapter any good, not to mention fun!

Art is life and I want to be the one who does what he believes not what others belive i should do. I will be me, and Will, will forever be Will.

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